Days Long Past

I wait in silence
on the hill,
by the trees,
forever still.

not a breath,
nor a sound
can escape my lips,
or I’ll be found.

I hide and hide,
then spot you near,
so I dash
before you’re here.

you smile then laugh,
and watch me run
across the grass,
beneath the sun.

only your footsteps
can be heard,
as you run,
not a word.

as the chase
slowly winds down,
we find ourselves
back in town.

the game ends,
you catch my hand,
and bid me ‘bye,
alone I stand.

I watch you leave,
not feeling sorrow,
because I’m sure
we’ll meet tomorrow.

that was how I spent
each summer day,
those memories
don’t seem far away.

though we both
left that life,
perhaps when we’re burdened,
or filled with strife,

we can think of those
days long past,
and feel some relief,
an uplifting, at last.

I know
I certainly do,
and I hope the same
goes for you.


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