Walled In (Part 1)

[Narrator’s point-of-view]

Heart pounding, she ran and ran, and still, she runs, despite her feet being torn by roots and thorns. Though branches cut at her face, her eyes never failed to look towards her goal: the wall.

Just a few more minutes—I just need to hold out until Erik is ready, she thinks, but her breathing is labored and she stumbles. Picking herself up, she lunges forward, worried they might catch her. She can hear their footsteps chasing her.

Two men are at a distance behind her, relentlessly chasing her. They are dressed in fine grey suits with maroon ties. One of the men slows and loosens his tie, while saying, “How much longer, Greg? She sure runs fast.”

Greg glares at his partner. “Oh, come on, Al, it’s just for a little while longer.” He looks ahead, scanning his surroundings. “It seems she’s headed for the wall, which means we’ll have her cornered.”

Al smirks, running a little faster to catch up to Greg. “Really? That’s where she’s going? I thought she’d be more creative; no one has gotten past the wall under our watch.”

“Well, there isn’t any other way to escape on foot, is there? From her point of view, she has to leave, and the wall is the only thing stopping her.”

“Since when did you start siding with the enemy?”

“Eh, you have to know your prey to catch it,” Greg answers, shrugging. “Shall we go with the usual plan?”

Al watches the woman running, and he grins widely. “There’s no need; you see, intelligence reported that a man is working with her, so she is going to meet him there, but we already caught him.”

Greg smiles too. “Ah, it’s too bad she doesn’t know.”

“I know how much you enjoy these games,” says Al. “So, I’ll let you have a go at her. Feel free; she doesn’t seem to be much of a fighter: we’ll be fine even if we’re out in the open without any plans.”

Soon, she reaches open ground a few dozen meters from the wall. She looks towards the area where she planned to meet Erik, and runs there, but as she nears the spot, Erik is nowhere to be found. No, no it can’t be. She feels agitated, and panics. She hears the footsteps behind her drawing closer, so she turns and continues running along the wall, but she knows she is trapped.

“There is no point in running!” Al calls out. “We have already caught your friend!”

“No!” the woman screams. But still she runs.

“Ready, Greg?”

“Of course.”

“Then fire away!”

Walled In (Part 2)


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